Thesis Statement

-I need a text (A coherent text evolves around a thesis statement) about the Netflix movie, Dumplin’.

-This is for a Fat Studies class where we study History of Fat in the U.S, Fat Feminism, Fatness& Post Feminism.

“Body inclusivity is essential in all areas of work, and people should not be discriminated based on their body size. The media and the film industry should also encourage people to embrace their body size, chase their dreams and not be intimidated by people with model bodies. This motivation can be propelled by showcasing movies that encourage body positivism in their mainstream.” This can be imagined as an introduction to the paper and this idea can be supported with examples from the movie.

It doesn’t have to include complicated theories which require further knowledge in the field to be understood, since it is only 2 pages. It has to be a coherent text that supports the thesis statement.

Please include bibliography if ideas from secondary sources are used.

*****The Thesis Statement should be 1,5 spaced and 2 pages rather than double spaced.*****

Warm Regards

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