Interview Questions

Scenario #1
Youre on a call with a customer who has had a bad experience with their most recent lawn mowing service that was scheduled through the LawnStarter app. Theyre looking for a resolution to the issue, but they are using a lot of foul language directed at both LawnStarter and the professional who mowed their lawn. 

  1. How would you approach this situation?
  2. Why?

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Scenario #2 

You were supposed to mow my yard this morning, but no one has showed up and its getting dark. Im having guests over this weekend and I really wanted my yard to look nice! Why didnt anyone show up and is there anything you can do to get it done before the weekend? 

  1. You received this email from a customer. Write a reply to it.
  2. Feel free to explain why you responded the way you did.

Your Answer:

Scenario #3
Youre on a call with a customer and theyre asking how to do something that you can do for them, but that they can also do through the app on their own. They sound like they might be in a hurry. 

  1. How do you approach this and help them get what they need?

Your Answer:

Finally, what is the prevailing reason that you’re applying for this position? 

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