Reading Discussion

Often discussions about innovation focus on only a handful of the categories that Prasad has introduced as part of the comprehensive innovation framework. This is also true across the more granular categories presented in the “Ten Types of Innovation” book (

  • Which of the ten categories do you find most difficult to think of examples for (outside of what’s already presented)?  Why do you think that is? How might design thinking help spur innovation in that category?
  • Think of a business or organization that you think has been successful in innovating across multiple components of the Ten Types of Innovation. What is it? What are the components? Why do you think they were successful?

For full credit: Use specific evidence, quotes, or examples from the readings to support your answers. Use specific stories and life experiences of your own to make your response unique to you. Make sure youve answered the why question for any position or opinion that youve expressed.

As you thoughtfully answer each question in the prompt, ask yourself: Have I provided a perspective with enough detail to spur curiosity and commentary from my classmates? How might I draw on my own life experience and other coursework to make this response unique and personal?

Write at least 300 words

Due Feb 7th

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