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Create an organization profile and industry analysis report that will be considered by the team in its selection of a client company for which the team will develop an international expansion business plan.
In this organization profile and industry analysis. you will propose a real organization as a potential client for your team’s business plan project. To accomplish this research, you will need to analyze the STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES of your proposed organization and the OPPORTUNITIES AND THREATS resulting from its industry position. You will:
Analyze the proposed organization’s resources and capabilities (organization profile). Use both Porter’s value chain analysis and a Resource Assessment. Be sure to include a summary of the financial results of the organization for the past three years. Evaluate the trends and drivers of demand (Threats and Opportunity) in the industry in which the proposed organization operates (industry analysis). Apply Porter’s five forces model (adding technology and government as two additional forces) to describe and evaluate the level of Threat present in the industry in which the proposed organization operates.

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