Psychology Discussion Responses

1.  I want to major In psychology to help other people. Specifically, Education, to help the adolcents in high school to help them grow because its a confusing time for them, and dont understand how important education is to grow and become successful. Like in chapter 2, I would love to learn the skill Creative Thinking and Problem-Solving Skills (p42, 2016) It is thinking critically about complex problems. If a student is failing math but passing English, how would I go about fixing the problem. I need to find ways to get my students interested in all subjects in school. Also discussing other interests, they enjoy, sports, music, or a hoppy. Its important to me because I want my students to be successful and move on after school with goals and dreams. I never had that in high school, so I want to be that person that inspires them.

2.  One of the reasons I want to major in psychology is so I can become a more effective problem solver. As life is not always black and white there will always be an abundant amount of problems that may arise. Psychologist have to have the skill of being good problem solvers in order to make alternative strategies that can be used to efficiently resolve the problems at hand. Being able to discover any potential problems and actually finding the solution to overcome the obstacles that can resolve the issues, in fact makes a great psychologist.  Majoring in psychology this has been one of my main goals to be able to posses this ability and skill that to me truly makes for a successful psychologist.  

3.  When I first started college, I had always found the psychology classes interesting but at that time I had a different major.  When my brother passed away the first year I went through a lot of emotions and a lot of soul searching.  For a while I felt intense anger towards my brother, but I realized that my brother had a lot of demons he was fighting along with trying to stay sober.  During that time, I realized I wanted to help people like my brother, help people overcome those demons and help people stay sober and change their lives.  In a way my brother passing away gave me a life I wouldn’t of had if he was still here, and he also gave me the greatest motivation to do this not only for myself but for in memory of him. A skill that I want to develop is mediating.  My life is pretty hectic at times between being a full-time mom, student and working full time.  I know that in the future, especially when I start working with substance abuse patients, I am going to need time to emotionally heal some days.  Mediation is key in clearing your mind and giving your mind a break and time to rest and recover.  I think mediation will be a huge help in my future not only for my career but also just my day to day life. 

4.  Psychology has always been an interest of mine. I am particularly interested in the way that the mind works and how we as people respond to different things in life. One person may not only respond in a very different way than the next person but they will have different thoughts. It is quite the field to be in studying human behaviors and accessing why we as humans certain things. I believe ones behavior has lot to do with how they develop as people as well as the environment they come from.The skill/ability I would like to develop is critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Based on the reading in chapter 2 as a psychology student we always look for the right answer. As a former nursing student, critical thinking was very necessary. Answers are not always going to be so plain and clear. I would like to work better at not only weighing situations as stated in the reading, but also knowing what priority is and what deserves attention right away. Understanding that one has to prioritize all situations but also mastering how to think critically could go a long way.

5.  I chose the major of Psychology because I enjoy helping people. Making a difference in someones life no matter how big or small is the greatest feeling whether you are helping to take some of the work load off or need to calm someone down from being upset.  I have a few career options in mind where Id be able to do this in some way. A skill that I want to develop is being able to lead. I have sometimes had trouble with taking the initiative and Id love to be able to get out of my comfort zone and be more of a leader aside from having an agenda that someone has given me. There are many professions where it is required you to be more of a leader where you need to make your own judgements. 

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