ocean floor discussion

Hi. Here are two different scenarios . Please read instructions

paste  GPS coordinates into Google Earth. Zoom in or out until you can see where you are and what type of feature you are visiting. Read the  hypothesis as to the formation of the feature, and provide an alternate (original yet reasonable) hypothesis (several complete sentences of college level writing; 2 points, 1 for each reply).

Scenario 1.

These coordinates show this is a seamount.
17134″17 E
The water depth is 1,545 m (5,069 ft)
I measured its dimensions and it has a length of 97.88 miles. Width is 119.41 miles.
Hypothesize, I think an erosion by waves destroyed the top of the seamount which is why it has a flat top.

Scenario :2

The volcanic peek I found is located at the coordinates 18 degrees 44’54.49″ North and 157 degrees 04’24.62″ West. This volcanic peek is a seamount. The water depth goes from -4003 feet all the way to -14793 feet. While using the ruler under the tools drop down menu, the seamount’s radius from the middle to the West side is 12.6 miles and to the East is 9.38 miles. The diameter in total is 21.98 miles which is extremely grand. I believe that volcanic activity created this seamount as it is extremely wide and long, thus leaving me to conclude that sub-volcanic activity had to have had occurred in order to form this seamount. Furthermore, the East side of this seamount gets wider as you go down in depth, so this would mean that the basalt is being pushed up more and more thus creating this seamount.

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