Midterm Exam – APA Format, All Answers In Paragraph Form


This exam covers the course material for the first half of the course. Some questions ask for a definition of a concept while others ask for application and/or analysis.

Please answer the following questions in paragraph form.

  1. How does sociology understand social problems? Explain what makes this orientation to social problems unique?
  2. Describe the concept of privilege. What are the key features of privilege according to McIntosh and Allen? How does this concept relate to oppression?
  3. How was the indigenous body constructed as dirty and what are the impacts on the ongoing problem of sexual violence?
  4. What is the difference between wealth and income? Why might wealth be a better measure of someones economic standing than income?
  5. What are at least three of the social problems related to poverty? Do assistance programs and policies address poverty as one of the causes of the issue?
  6. Describe how focusing on the morals and behaviors of the poor prevents Americans from seeing the social forces that create poverty.
  7. How are racial categories socially constructed? How does this process connect to a history of racial inequality?
  8. Define the concept of colorblind racism. How does this impact the ideal of racial equality?
  9. What were original Jim Crow laws? Explain the meaning of the new Jim Crow laws?
  10. Describe one approach/action that addresses the cultural and structural factors to gender inequality. How does this approach attempt to solve a specific social problem?

Essay Question 

  1. How is masculinity constructed as violent? What is the role of the media in contributing to this social problem? Why should mass shootings be defined through a gendered framework?
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