Part 1-The President is limited to two terms under the 22nd amendment, but there are no such limits for members of the U.S. Congress. There have been members who have served nearly 70 years! Should there be limits for members of U.S. Congress? What about the State Legislature?

Part 2- I’m going to individually assign you two legislators, a Republican and a Democrat. I want to know all about them.
First, give me the objective info. Who are they, where do they serve and where are they from, how long have they been in the legislature, what committees are they on, what issues do they run on/care about, what are they most known for, etc. Then give me a good paragraph on what you like/don’t like about them. Watch some youtube videos on the person. Should this person leave Congress, are they doing good things? I’ll assign you just do the two people in your number.
1. Deb Fischer -R
2. Kamala Harris -D

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