You are required to create a PowerPoint presentation on the surgical procedure known as Mastectomy. You will need to:

– Briefly describe the procedure.
– Describe why a patient would need the procedure.
– Describe any preparations that are required before the procedure.
– Describe any precautions after the procedure.
– Describe when to seek medical attention.
– Describe the time for recovery (if this is not applicable, indicate n/a).
– Use patient-friendly terminology for the procedure.
– Include your references.

The format of the Powerpoint is entirely up to you, but please make it AESTHETICALLY PLEASING and COMPREHENSIBLE as much as possible. Any sources (CREDIBLE SOURCES) used for information/research must be cited in proper APA format with in-text citations and a References page. The PowerPoint presentation should not be text-heavy.

Ensure the slides are devoid of grammar and punctual mistakes and adhere to university or post-grad readability. Your tone of language should be sophisticated. If you do have any questions or concerns regarding the order, feel free to let me know, and I will respond to you as soon as possible.

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