Market Analysis Of New York For A Marketing Intelligence Startup For Amazon Advertising To Open An Office

The goal is to build the sales and marketing team in new york and shift the headquarters as well. I want an analysis on the following criteria

1 customer – We divide our customers into 3 types: 1 Brands how uses Amazon advertising manually 2 Brands how uses Marketing agencies 3 Brands how uses Management platforms

2 Investors – Investors should invest in the following fields 

MarTech (marketing tech), AdTech, SaaS, AI, B2B

3 Employees – We plan to start with Business Development and sales representative

Then we’ll expand it to VP Sales + VP Marketing + 3 SDR + 2 Biz Dev

4 Financials – salaries,office cost, tax 

please write a 2-3 page business report stating if new york is a good option to expand the headquarters and cite your sources as well.  

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