the relationship between Seniors mental health and housing

This is a serious, scholarly term paper with a minimum of six scholarly citations required. 

Students are required to identify and address an interesting topic that is related to the area of housing and communities for older persons.  Please do not select a very general topic, such as housing for the elderly.  This paper provides students an opportunity to research a specific and interesting idea related to senior housing.  Specific, manageable themes include, but are not limited to, protection from eviction for elderly renters, the future of co-housing, zoning impediments to accessory apartments, better regulations for assisted living, the benefits and risks of reverse mortgages, and the appropriateness of specific policies, programs, or housing types for specific groups (for example, ethnicity, mental and physical capacity, and family composition) or other cultures and countries. This term paper should include an introduction; a review of the literature; discussion of the issues and problems of special significance related to the subject; implications for planning, design, policy, management, and practice in senior housing; suggestions for future research and knowledge building; and a closing rationale justifying the relevance of the topic.  Select a subject that is both of interest to you and that can be managed within the time frame and page limitations of the assignment.

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