EMR Presentation

 EMR systems fulfill many roles in a variety of health care settings. Like many technologies, EMRs may be under-utilized, or the users may not understand everything the system is capable of. As a manager, you are in the position to research and learn about EMRs, and then to educate others as to the benefits and limitations of these complex systems.

After several years working as a clinic manager in the hospital setting, you have been hired by one of your physicians who is leaving the hospital to start his own practice in the community. You will be the practice manager, and responsible for much of the research and development phases of this new venture. The physician has asked you to provide recommendations on what EMR to use. A few of your options include: pay for a license to use the system the hospital has in place – or – purchase a separate system entirely.

Create a PowerPoint presentation to illustrate your research and recommendations.

  • Length: approximately 5 slides o Audience: the physician (practice owner), a business consultant, and two Registered Nurses.
  • Summarize the reasons your practice needs an EMR system (include: demographic, administrative, and clinical data collection).
  • Clearly present the benefits and risks of each option
  • Your conclusion slide(s) should include a recommendation, specific steps for moving forward, and a timeline for implementation.
  • Record your presentation, or use speakers notes. List all references in APA format on a closing slide.

Please review the rubric to ensure that your assignment meets criteria.


  • EMR presentation
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