Compare/Contrast Essay

Discuss a concept or them by comparing or contrasting two published texts. You will interact with and show connections between the texts through selective summary, paraphrase, and quotation in an alternating method style compare and contrast essay .

published text are How strong is your faith? Langston Hughes salvation and Marjane Satrapi The Veil 

.Make sure paper includes following items

  1. 1) describe the concept/theme in your own words; what is a general, public association with this concept (DENOTATION) and what is your personal association or thoughts about this theme AND explain how they coincide/differ from a more common or public meaning (CONNOTATION).
  2. 2) Briefly summarize the two different pieces of writing you are comparing as they relate to the theme (see the list of possibilities on page 2). 
  3. 3) Provide your thesis, which should indicate why these outside views will be compared and contrasted next to your established definition of the concept/theme; indicate what specific sub-themes will be examined (topic points)
  4. Body paragraphs will focus on using an alternating method, which presents materials from both source A and source B on each subtopic together, analyzing these subtopics in an AB AB AB pattern.
  5. The conclusion should clarify the most important themes and problems identified in the essay. What associations have been most challenged by the discussion? What do you find yourself most agreeing with or disagreeing with from the sources? Make sure that you revisit your thesis statement and subpoints in this


-typed using Times new roman, 12pt, double spaced. 4-5 pages more than 1,200 words

-include 2-3 peer review sources to support assertions(two essays comparing in paper will NOT count towards peer review) must include MLA Works Cited Page including all sources cited .

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