Discussionss And Replies Needed

After reading the attached Lecture Notes, come up with your own example that illustrates the difference between data and information, and how the data in your example can be transformed into information.

Please Note:
ou are required to post a well-researched discussion. So you are required to give at least one reference. However, you are required to provide a reference which relevant to the subject matter that is “data vs. Information.”  References that do not relate to the subject will not be considered as fulfilling the requirement.

You are also supposed to give actual examples of the data and how it is converted into information. For example 1, 2, 4 are data but they could be hours to complete certain experiments or number of lanes in certain highways,

I will be expecting two documents, one for the initial post and one for the replies. See attached for the replies needed

Due on Feb 7th.

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