Write one or two questions which you will respond to in about a page (approx. 200 words). You do not need to actually answer the question, instead think of your question as a starting point for discovering other questions, possible answers, what the prior necessities are to answer it etc. There is no need to do internet research to complete this assignment, but if you find some interesting information feel free to include it. However, this is not a research project.

The purpose of this assignment is to practice using the concepts introduced in class, and will be graded accordingly. Good uses of your time would be to explore ethical questions you have experienced, to answer questions raised in class, and/or to test out a theory on a hypothetical in a low stakes assignment.

Poor uses of this assignment would be to try and demonstrate why feminism is ruining the world etc, to copy a wikipedia article or to neither write a question related to this class nor respond to it.

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