wind data analysis using matlab and excel

the report should include and introduction ( objectives ) , ethics and research

the excel sheet has all the information needed.
while the word document is the aim of the project. don’t focus on the entire aim just focus on the topics listed above ( introduction , ethics and research )

Let’s use 2003 initially – it has the smallest standard deviation.
Introduction could include:

a description of what you hope to achieve by carrying out the data analysis
a description of the site – with a screenshot from Google Maps if possible
a description of the data – sampling intervals, data collected, etc.
(we’ll revisit the data – we’ll carry out a “sanity check” on the data to make sure it’s reasonable data rather than simply using it on trust)
why you rejected 2006
why you selected 2003
a graph showing weekly average wind speed for 2000-2005
a graph showing weekly average wind speed for 2003
…anything else that you think would be interesting or relevant!

For example, your Introduction could also include a section called: “Wind Energy in Ireland”.

don’t forget the references to be IEEE.

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