The Diversity Factors Plan

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Individual Assignment (Individual)
The Diversity Factors Plan: Effective management of diversity, including cultural diversity, involves identifying and addressing the human factors relevant to your general business and specific project processes.  Write an Executive Summary (narrative) of not more than two (2) pages in length, regarding the importance of the Diversity Factors Plan.  Include in your discussion answers to each of the following questions. 
    What are the benefits for organizations that factors diversity into decision-making, planning, and operations?
    Why are Organizational Factors important to the organization?
    Why are Compliance Factors important to the organization?
    Why are Market Factors important to the organization?

In this assignment, you will be articulating an understanding of the use of this tool (the Diversity Factors Matrix,) to inform and facilitate the building of the Diversity Factors Plan for managing cultural diversity.  Discuss the three key factors of this plan as you understand them. 
Each written assignment will be reviewed for accuracy, relevance, and its relationship to the lecture, the discussion, the group exercise, assigned readings, and any of the associated resources and reading briefs on the on the course homepage.
An exemplary score (10 of 10 points) will reflect a foundational understanding of the diversity factors plan for managing cultural diversity; it should be focused from the perspective of a manager and include a discuss ion of the three key factors of this process.  An effective score (8 of 10 points) will reflect an understanding of the essentials of cultural diversity management in an organization, and how it is executed.  An ineffective score (0-7.9 points) will reflect a paper that is poorly organized and difficult to read; one that does not flow logically from one part to another; one that does not discuss the assigned topic.  If the paper is late, does not follow the required format (please see below,) has spelling and/or grammatical errors, includes technical terms that are not defined (or poorly defined,) and/or has a lack of clarity and conciseness, then the paper will be subject to point reductions.

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