The Challenge of Teaching War to Today’s Students

Persuasive Strategies: Rhetorical Analysis & Response
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Part one:Conduct a rhetorical analysis of Bonin’s editorial, providing an overview of his central claims and support strategies, his attempts at building an effective ethos or persona, and the features that make his work appropriate or focused on a specific audience and exigence (writing situation).
This portion of your work should be 1-2 pages long, and should include the following:
A thesis that provides an evaluation of the most effective/ineffective rhetorical decisions he makes, given the subject matter and exigence.
Direct references to Bonin’s work that illustrate both: 1). where he uses particular effective/ineffective rhetorical appeals, and 2). how he uses them in support of his central claim or aim.
Support for your evaluation of the effectiveness/ineffectiveness of his approach.
Indicate specific points of agreement, disagreement, and questioning in response to his work by referring directly to his text
Establish a credible, appropriate persona that highlights shared values, common ground, and/or civil disagreement.
Part two: Write a direct 1-2-page response to Bonin, providing a college student’s perspective on the logic, effectiveness, and truth of his claims.

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