Stigma Related to Mental Health Concerns and Nursing Advocacy

Find a story from a media source (e.g. newspaper, radio, TV, video, YouTube) about an individual or family living in Canada who has experienced stigma or discrimination as a result of their mental health issue. Upload the story on the discussion board with your post

Briefly summarize the story you found.

Applying your course readings, discuss how stigma is unjustly affecting the individual(s) in your chosen story.
In what ways has this stigma affected the Social Determinants of Health in this individual’s or immediate family’s life?
Choose and explain two (2) Social Determinants of Health that have impacted the health of the individual in your story. Give examples and rationale.
Find one (1) scholarly journal article to describe one nursing strategy/intervention you may use in your future nursing practice to help reduce stigma. Reflect how this strategy/intervention will promote better social and/or health outcomes for individuals/families living with mental health issues.

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