Research paper : Online Communities of Practice

Resources: Wenger, E. (2006). Communities of practice: A brief description. Retrieved from
Wenger, E., Traynor, B., de Laat, M. (2011). Promoting and assessing value creation in communities and networks: A conceptual framework. Retrieved from

Develop a paper researching online communities of practice.  Discuss the benefits, challenges, and opportunities regarding the integration of community practice and reducing barriers related to your current organization or a nationally recognized organization. Describe how your community could be/has been transformed using technology and the information learned from the resources.  You may obtain articles from any professional periodical or Website.  The written paper should be at least three five (3-5) pages in length not including cover page or reference page. A minimum of three (3) scholarly current references are required for this assignment. Read and use the Hoadley & Kilner (2005) article listed below as the basis for this analysis. Write in the third person and submit in a word document.

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