Quality of Life in Canada

Take a look at: Quality of Life in Canada.

Then read: We fail our citizens in Canada – and the UN is onto us.

Prepare an essay that addresses the following questions:
• Before you entered university, towards which article would you have tended to agree with
more? Why?

• In regard to the second article, which issues – and the related social determinants of health –
do you think are especially important and at odds with the first article?

• Which interests in Canada would be pushing forward the view of Canada expressed in the
first article. Why would they do so?

• How would it be possible for both these articles to have elements of truth? Hint: For whom
might the first article apply? For whom might the second article apply?

• Which view do you think wealthy people have of Canada, recent immigrants to Canada, and
the average student at York University? Why so?

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