You are to create a case study which examines a mental disorder we study this term. In the case study you will:

Describe a fictional mental health therapy client whom you feel meets DSM criteria for at least one of the mental illness covered in our textbooks and course materials.
Outline and explain the symptoms related to the disorder
Discuss the background story for your imaginary client
Recommend treatment options based on what you learn throughout the term.
Support your points with at least two peer-reviewed journal articles. You will be required to use APA formatting for your paper. You are NOT required to include an abstract. You are required to include a running head and pagination.

Student demonstrates an understanding of the subject matter by clearly stating the objective of the paper and links diagnostic criteria to selected fictional character. The project contains relevant material that is correctly referenced, and this material fulfills the objective of the assignment.
The project must include the following:
Clear description of fictional mental health therapy client.
A client description that meets at least 1 DSM diagnosis discussed in our course
An outline and explanation of how symptoms presented in clients case are related to disorder
Discussion of clients background
Images to support points.
Treatment recommendation options based on approaches discussed in our course
Evaluation of cultural influences on personality development of celebrity.
A minimum of two (2) educational/peer reviewed sources from the library. These should be journal articles from psychology journals related to course topics. DSM may be used but will not count toward required number of sources.

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