Professional Counselor

Students will conduct an interview with a mental health professional to gain an in-depth understanding of how classroom knowledge applies in practice. Students will produce a presentation that includes, but is not limited to, the following elements:

The role of the mental health practitioner
The education and licensure of the practitioner
The area of practice of the practitioner
The number of years the practitioner has worked in his/her field.
The type of clients treated (including types of presenting challenges, voluntary or involuntary, age range, and other relevant demographics)
The theories and therapeutic approaches most often utilized by the practitioner
The most important components of the therapeutic relationships
The practitioners approach to professional development
How does the practitioner care for self?
What was his/her journey like from novice to seasoned practitioner?
What advice can the practitioner provide to students as they enter the field?

Provide a comprehensive presentation. Presentations should be approximately 20 slides in length and will be graded on content, as well as professionalism and complexity. Students should incorporate at least one other element (class activity, or video clip).

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