Principle of marketing

  1. you must provide a rationale for your opinions and recommendations.
  2. You should support your position by using facts from the case
  3. you should also use ethical concepts from chapter 4 Ethical and Social Responsibility to support your point of view.
  4. According to Scenario # 1 and # 2. answer these questions.
    a. What is the ethical dilemma or issue?

    b. Identify and discuss at least 3 alternatives (options) that the company could consider. For each option
indicate if it is legal and ethical, probably legal, but unethical, or illegal, and unethical.
    c. What are your recommendations? In other words, of the several alternatives you identified, what do you think the company should do?
 d. What is your rationale for your recommendations? In other words, why do you recommend this course of action?

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