Prepare a review of a professional journal article that you feel is significant for educators who are developing and/ or implementing curriculum for a diverse school community.

Purpose of Assignment
The purpose of this assignment is to provide the student enrolled in ED 681 with an opportunity to review current professional journal articles related to curriculum planning, development, and implementation that address topics that are of special interest to the student, and to help the student relate course content to the content of the article.

Guidelines for Preparation of the Review of a Journal Article
Many professional journals that feature articles and research studies related to curriculum development, implementation, and/or evaluation are available to educators.  (Note: Students also may select an article from an appropriate source on the Internet.) Examine several of these journals or on-line sources and select an article that is of interest to you, and that you feel is of particular importance for the educator who is involved with curriculum development and implementation for a diverse society.  Prepare a summary of the article, and explain why you feel the article is of importance. Relate the content of the article to concepts discussed in class and presented in the course resources.

Format for the Reviews of Journal Articles
Professional journal article reviews should include four parts as described below. Journal article reviews typically are about three pages in length. (You may include a copy of the article if it is convenient to do so. It is not required.)

Part A: Introduction: The introduction should state the name and author of the article, the date of publication, the name of the professional journal in which the article appears, and your reason for selecting the article. Please use sentence format.
Part B: Summary of Content:  The summary of the content of the article should highlight the material in the article that you feel is most significant for educators who are involved with curriculum development and implementation.
Part C: Reflection on the Importance of the Article for Educators:  Explain why you think the content of the article is of particular value to educators who are involved with the development and implementation of curriculum for a diverse population of students.
Part D: Application of Theory and Research from Course Content to Content of the Journal Article: Provide at least three examples of how the article relates to the content of the course, and provide support for selecting these examples.  The examples should include a citation of the appropriate references in the course resources.  Each example should represent a separate reference from the course resources.

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