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 Throughout this EMG course, we have studied the various Frameworks that are part of the National Preparedness System that helps establish the National Preparedness Goal. This units topic, the National Response Framework (NRF), can be considered the heart of the matter. This is where all of the specific preparatory actions and the prevention and protection actions come together in the response to an incident or disaster. We have also focused on the issue of active shooters, particularly in school scenarios because this is a topic that is relevant for all of us. School shooting situations have been ubiquitous, happening in all parts of the country. Assume there is a terrorist active shooter attack at your neighborhood elementary school. Be sure to identify the community and school. For this assignment, complete both parts. Part 1: Draw up a block or wiring diagram that shows how the Incident Command, National Incident Management System (NIMS) protocol and NRF would be set up to respond to and control the situation, showing the lines of reporting and directing between each. You should use the actual organizational positions and titles and have enough detail that you can use it in Part 2. You can use Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint to design your diagram using the Shapes and SmartArt dropdowns in the toolbar. The references in this unit have some good block or wiring diagrams to use as a guide; however, do not copy them, use your own creation. In addition, your diagram does not need to be elaborate, but it does need to meet the criteria listed above. Part 2: Using your diagram, describe how NIMS and the NRF would be set up, and who would provide what for whom. In other words, how the whole system would work for this incident. In addition, in your discussion you should include the following elements. Describe how local community emergency management organizations would respond to and support other agencies in resolving this active shooter situation at a neighborhood school. Discuss the different hazards that might be present with an active shooter situation at a neighborhood school, and how they would be controlled or mitigated. Examine what emergency support functions (ESFs) described in the National Response Framework would be carried out and by whom, and how they would be carried out. This assignment should be at least three pages in length (double space, 12-point Times New Roman font with 1-inch margins) and in APA format including title and reference pages (title and reference pages do not count towards the threepage minimum). There should be a minimum of three sources used to support this assignment. One source should be from the National Response Framework (3rd ed.) document and the other two should be any other government document that has been discussed already in this course and is applicable to this assignment. Ensure you provide in-text citations as well as a reference page using APA format. Please contact the Success Center for assistance with APA formatting and writing tutoring. Combine Part 1 and Part 2 and submit in one document for this assignment 

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