1. What are some of the common motivators for companies embarking on international expansion? Why is international market due diligence important?

2. What are the four dimensions of pressures favoring globalization? How are the PESTEL and globalization dimensions related to the flatteners (in the context that Thomas Friedman talks about them in his book, The World Is Flat)?

3. What is the advantage of scenario planning and analysis over SWOT analysis?

4. What are five common international entry modes? What is the difference between strategic alliance and an acquisition?

5. What would influence a firms choice of the five entry modes? What is the possible relationship among the different entry modes?

6. Name the two contractual modes of entry into a foreign market. Which do you think is better and why?

7. What are some of the disadvantages of countertrade?

8. Why do companies source globally? What are some ways in which to ensure quality from unknown suppliers?

9. If you were an exporter, would you ever give your buyer three months to pay an invoice? Why or why not?

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