Instructional Strategies

After you have thoughtfully considered the learning theories, the next step is to develop your pedagogy, or effective teaching methods, through instructional strategies.

Instructional strategies encompass all the techniques teachers use to make learning engaging, relevant, and attainable to students. It is important to understand the various strategies you can use to instruct students and to meet the various needs of all students through these strategies.

Part 1: Template

Use the Instructional Strategies Template to complete this assignment.

Part 2: Summary

Write a 500-750 word summary addressing the following:

Description of the strategy identified, its benefits, and any potential challenges.
Explanation of how the strategy applies to one of the learning theories from the Topic 1 assignment.
Description of a specific learning experience or activity that supports the chosen instructional strategy and learning theory.
Summary of accommodations, resources, and materials to differentiate instruction according to the needs, strengths, and learning goals of individual students.
Support your summary with a minimum of three scholarly resources.

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