Part I.  Answer all the question and please provide a detailed answer and
              support your Answers using an example.

1.    Why is information security a management problem? What can management do that technology cannot?

2.    Why is data the most important asset an organization possesses? What other assets in the organization require protection?

3.    Which management groups are responsible for implementing information security to protect the organizations ability to function?

4.    Has the implementation of networking technology created more or less risk for businesses that use information technology? Why?

5.    What is information extortion? Describe how such an attack can cause losses, using an example not found in the text.

6.    Why are employees one of the greatest threats to information security?

7.    How can you protect against shoulder surfing?

8.    How has the perception of the hacker changed over recent years? What is the profile of a hacker today?

9.    What is the difference between a skilled hacker and an unskilled hacker, other than skill levels? How does the protection against each differ?

10.    What are the various types of malware? How do worms differ from viruses? Do Trojan horses carry viruses or worms?

11.    Why does polymorphism cause greater concern than traditional malware? How does it affect detection?

12.    What is the most common violation of intellectual property? How does an organization protect against it? What agencies fight it?

13.    How is technological obsolescence a threat to information security? How can an organization protect against it?

14.    What are the types of password attacks? What can a systems administrator do to protect against them?

15.    What is the difference between a denial-of-service attack and a distributed denial-of-service attack? Which is more dangerous? Why?

16.    For a sniffer attack to succeed, what must the attacker do? How can an attacker gain access to a network to use the sniffer system?

17.    What methods does a social engineering hacker use to gain information about a users login ID and password? How would this method differ if it targeted an administrators assistant versus a data-entry clerk?

18.    What is a buffer overflow, and how is it used against a Web server?


1.    Consider that an individual threat agent, like a hacker, can be a factor in more than one threat category. If a hacker breaks into a network, copies a few files, defaces a Web page, and steals credit card numbers, how many different threat categories does the attack fall into?

2.    Using the Web, research Mafiaboys exploits. When and how did he compromise sites? How was he caught?
3.    Search the Web for The Official Phreakers Manual. What information in this manual might help a security administrator to protect a communications system?

4.    The chapter discussed many threats and vulnerabilities to information security. Using the Web, find at least two other sources of information about threats and vulnerabilities. Begin with and use a keyword search on threats.

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