How Has The Use Of Technology Affected Peoples Ability To Communicate Face To Face?


Technological advancement in the last century has had a drastic  impact on the way individuals communicate. The introduction of  ever-progressing cell phone technology, personal computers, and social  media has enabled increased control over our personal interactions with  each other and is playing a large part in the shifting of social values  and priorities. As communications technologies continue to advance ever  further, it calls to question whether the shift in communications is a  good thing or a bad thing and whether technology is aiding or hurting  personal relationships.

After reading the module notes and all of the supplemental materials, respond to the following:

  • How has the use of technology affected peoples ability to communicate face to face?
  • Do you think that the mere presence of technology, such as in the  form of smart phones, affects peoples ability to communicate with  individuals in a public place?
  • Has the increase of technology decreased both the quantity and  quality of face-to-face interactions? In what ways have you experienced  these changes?
  • Do you see a change (increase or decrease) in this human-technology dependency in the future? What kind of change do you favor?

Support your position using appropriate sources that are properly cited. 

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