Healthcare Administration Master’s Program Admission Essay

This is a 2 page Goal Statement for my grad school application.  I am applying for a masters in Health Services Administration. 

This professional essay (minimum of two pages) should include a description of:
– A significant professional accomplishment
– Expectations of graduate study
– Career goals.

I went to college to get my bachelors in public health while working 40+ hrs/week at a group home to pay my way.  The group home is for the mentally handicapped.  I have been working with them for 2 years.  My biggest professional accomplishment would be using my knowledge I acquired with my public health degree to change the way the guys at the group home eat and exercise.  Before they would eat nothing but meat, cheese, and bread.  Now I have them eating salads and roasted vegetables for dinner and fruit and oatmeal for breakfast. 

My expectation of this graduate study is to learn how to manage health care centers and organizations. As the health care industry expands, opportunities for management, consulting and executive-level positions will continue to grow. I would like to develop the skills needed to successfully plan, direct and coordinate medical and health services.

My career goal is to rise up to upper level management while working with populations such as the mentally handicapped or the elderly.  I would love to stay at the company I work for now, but be promoted. 

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