Health education

In the introduction, explain how many topics there are on the website, and select one topic area of interest.
In the body
-Provide three background points about the topic area
Describe the main goal of the topic you have chosen?
-Who is affected by the problem?
-What other topics does it connect to? You can use the related links on the page in order to make your project more complete. For example, if you are doing a project on mental health, a related link on the page is “drug use.” Given that many drug users have mental health problems, you can speak to the link between mental health and drug use.
-What steps are being taken to improve the outcomes of this topic?
Write a sound conclusion.
-Say what you learned
-State in what ways the website was helpful to you.
-Add any ideas or predictions you may have about the future related to your topic.
And the website you are supposed to use is this
you also have to summarizes what Healthy People 2020 is, and what its goals are in your own words.
the topic I chose was Pregnancy from there you can search up the topic and just choose whichever it doesn’t matter as long as the topic is pregnancy

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