Fund Of Data Systems

Amazon Databases (Aurora, RDS, Redshift, etc):

If a vendor, who are the competitors to the platform? If a database technology class, who is the clear leader and why?

o   Provide a page response at most!

Provide a short history of each key database platform you’ve described

o   A minimum of 1-2 paragraphs PER DATABASE PLATFORM is expected.

What industries are these database vendors tools or database technology platforms used in? Is the market increasing or decreasing for technology?

o   I expect a 1/2 -1-page industry synopsis here. 

What are the key features for each of these database platforms? What are differentiators compared to other database platforms in its like-kind class?

o   I expect 1-2 pages for EACH DATABASE PLATFORM. 

You MUST use APA citations throughout this paper. 


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