Essay #1 – American Political Ideology

1. Do you consider yourself to lean liberal or conservative, or are you more moderate?  In the opening of this essay you will identify the ideology you feel you most align with, and briefly explain why you feel this is the case.  This will serve as a form of introduction or thesis.  You will then answer the following questions in separation sections. It can be necessary in this section to show you understand this ideology you align with by defining it, and the textbook can help you with that. You can also take quizzes online to figure this out and then cite those quizzes as sources.

2. Pick one of the 10 Bill of Rights in the U.S. Constitution, and explain your view on how/why that right should be protected or limited, based on your preferred ideological views.  You can use the textbook or the internet as sources, since they can offer plenty of definitions and interpretations of these rights/liberties. The textbook is also a good resource. 

3. Pick a controversial SOCIAL issue, and discuss your view on the government’s role in dealing with that issue. It’s important to avoid issues that would be considered more economical or that deal with international problems. (Make sure it doesn’t overlap with the amendment you picked in section 2).  Feel free to to use any opinion articles online to highlight any ideological view on this issue that you share.

4. Would you consider yourself a supporter of the President? Try to focus on a policy or law that the current administration has supported or implemented and use this to explain why or why not you consider yourself a supporter.  You can look on WhiteHouse.Gov or on the President original campaign website to find ideas as to policies and or positions held by Mr. Trump himself, or you can look to other news and opinion articles online.


This essay must be 4-5 pages and use at least 4 sources.  You will need a works cited page apart from the 4-5 pages of content as well. You should only write this in 12 size font Times New Roman, and make it double spaced. You do NOT need a title page or abstract.  You must cite sources in APA style, and feel free to use the Purdue Owl website that I will share in class.

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