Discussion – The African Background


Listed below are the questions that must be answered and attached are the readings.


In essay format, answer the following questions  (a full paragraph, with resource support/details):

-What surprising new fact/s have you learned about Africa, African peoples, African cultures, and Africa’s significance/importance to history?

-What are at least 2 specific examples of African cultural characteristics?

-What was unique about slavery in Africa, before the Atlantic Slave Trade (before Africans started trading slaves with the Europeans)?

-Based on Giddings’  Africanisms essay, or your own observations, what is at least once connection between African American culture (music, religion, etc.) and African culture (religion, art, society, etc.)?  

-Reflecting on African culture, history and significance, what are you left wondering about; what questions remain unanswered for you? (Mandatory!)


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