Discussion Responds 4: Culture


Respond to two classmates discussions. Responses should be at least 150 words each (put the word count in all responses). Replies should take the conversation further by adding questions or your own ideas in your replies. In addition, you can point out both strengths and areas of improvement on your peers’ submission. Strong posts will demonstrate understanding and connection to course materials.

Classmate #1: Shayla J Bichsel


1:The Naciremas are essentially just the American people. Nacirema spelled backwards is American and Miner describes the American society as a tribe hat behaves in a particular way and performs strange rituals to extreme levels. Throughout this article Miner disguises certain things such as Americans, he also disguises a bathroom as a cleaning shrine, the medicine cabinet as a major device in the shrine, and a toothbrush as the hair on a stick.

2.I think that Miner employs this style of writing to show that Americans are ethnocentric people.

Lovely Hula Hands:

Norm: something that is usual, typical, or standard.

Value: the regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something.

Belief: an acceptance that a statement is true or that something exists.

1. In Lovely Hula Hands by Trask she talks about how tourism in Hawaii has become a complete norm for all of the natives, tourists have been visiting Hawaii for so long that they have adapted their own ways in order to please only the tourists and to make a profit out of it, for example she talks about how hula dancing used to be a native dance but they turned it into a show for tourists In the hotel version of the hula, the sacredness of the dance has completely evaporated, while the athleticism and sexual expression have been packaged like ornaments. The purpose is entertainment for profit rather than joyful and truly Hawaiian celebration of human and divine nature (144). The true Native people of Hawaii value their celebrations and rituals, but their lands are turning into just tourist destinations. Trask argues that tourism was supposed to benefit all of the Hawaiin people, but rather than benefiting the people it is only benefiting larger companies within Hawaii.

2. Throughout the article Trask analogous the commercialization of Hawaii culture to prostitution, by this she means that tourism and economic revenue is more important than the actual beauty of the islands. Hawaii itself is the female object of degraded and victimized sexual value (143).

3. I am actual not surprised by Trasks take on the article, I have visited Hawaii a couple times and I got the same feeling described in the article, which is that everything was almost a show and was mostly for the tourists, the island was beautiful and I love it there but you do get the feeling that everything is done for the people visiting, such as hula shows at the hotels, those arent put on for the locals but more for just the tourists coming to stay. Although I stayed where all tourists stay and I didnt go to the smaller parts of the island where are the locals lived I didnt get to see anything other than what she is talking about in the article. Trask also mentions in the article If you are thinking of visiting my homeland, please do not. We do not want or need any more tourists, and we certainly do not like them. Which was a wake up call to us letting us know that true locals dont even want us there.


1. By the time McDonalds came to Hong Kong American fast food was already familiarized and a norm so it become successful.

2. Mcdonalds in Hong Kong took a takeoff of highly educated, affluent consumers who thrive on Hong Kongs ever changing urban environment. Mcdonalds had to change some of their dishes in order to familiarize with locals such as adding in rice dishes. Slowly adding in breakfast items helped familiarize locals with it and now they order it. Mcdonalds has been getting used to the wave of the cultural movement and has been riding it ever since. Mcdonalds in Hong Kong had to change up their customer service because the people there are not familiar with a smile while being greeted.

3. In this article the research shows that American styled fast food doesnt have an effect on other cultures but instead American styled fast food can adapt to multiple cultures

Classmate #2: Lisa G Bogetto

     Do you feel that the Nacirema people are very spiritual and have magical beliefs? I feel that Miner writes about them the way he does to show that they have different ways of their life. It is extremely outraging when it comes to there beliefs.
                                           Lovely hula hands (Task)
     Some of the Hawaiian norms, values and beliefs form this reading are interesting. I find that the people and the way the celebrate their culture is one of the most interesting. The commercialization of Hawaii culture, of prostitution, it is aimed at the women of Hawaii and it is very much so degrading to them. I believe that Task status of Hawaiian and tourism is very real. It is very beautiful place to visit and has much to offer for a vacation that people would enjoy. But Task does not act like she want us to be in her homeland.
                                                         McDonalds in Hong Kong
     What do you think that were some of the factors that lead McDonalds to be so successful in Hong Kong? Even though other companies had been there before them. Do you feel that the consumes of Hong Kong were willing to let McDonalds be there? I think that the different foods and drinks were interesting enough to make them want to try the product. I do think that American style of fast food does not change their culture. It will just add to what they already now and give more variety to the people of Hong Kong.

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