Discussion 1

Watch ONE of the resources recommended by the textbook author.

In your own words, post a ONE PARAGRAPH REVIEW of the resource and how it supports the textbook material (Management Information Systems, 8th Edition, Hossein Bigoli, ISBN-10: 1337406929, ISBN-13: 9781337406925, 2018).

No extra resources are needed.

Chapter 1 Textbook Recommended Video Resources

1. Smartphones Everywhere and for Everything


Top 10 Apps for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

2. Information Technologies at The Home Depot

How technology is changing Home Depot


The Home Depot has over a billion transactions per year, which led to the company buying a small analytics firm in Texas that would allow for them to be able to make sense of the large data sets the company holds (i.e. Internet pricing). The company has also created an app that will direct a customer to exactly what item(s) they are looking for within a Home Depot store.

3. Information Technologies at Netflix

Netflix Quick Guide: How Does Netflix Make TV Show and Movie Suggestions?


This video shows how Netflix creates personal recommendations for its customers. About 70% of what Netflix customers watch are a personalized recommendation that Netflix has provided them.

4. Human Resource Information Systems in Action

New Human Resource Information System by Frontier e-HR


5. Digital Innovation in Retail Industry Using Information Technologies

Innovation in the retail industry








Chapter 2 Textbook recommended video resources

1. Popular iPad Business Applications

Apple – iPad in Business – Profiles – Hospital Corporation of America


Hospital Corporation of America (HCA), the largest U.S. healthcare provider, uses the iPad to help take care of patients. The iPad provides physicians with information of the point of care even when they are not in the hospital and make the appropriate decisions that affect patient care. For example, cardiologists can monitor their patients through apps, which will give the cardiologist the ability to make a quick, accurate decision. Other functions that the iPad can serve include showing patients depictions of anatomy that can help patient make important decisions regarding their care.

2. Office 365: Making your Data and Applications Portable

 What is Office 365 for business?


3. Ubiquitous Computing

The Future of Wearable Technology | Off Book | PBS Digital Studios



Wearable technology like Google Glass is not something that disrupts human interaction, but rather augments it. Wearable technology can be used in healthcare, where people can keep track of an aspect of a person’s health (i.e. wearing a headband that can keep track of a person’s brain activity in order to find out how much time and at what time a person was losing sleep at night). Do It Yourself (DIY) wearables have also been created such as a backpack that has LED lights on it, which can indicate turn signals and break lights for a motorcyclist.

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