CRITICAL ANALYSIS ESSAY on Inspecting Carol By Daniel Sullivan

Discuss the various themes that Sullivan uses in the play Inspecting Carol By Daniel Sullivan and how these ideas reflect the social, political, and economic ideals of the year/time period it was written (why is this play relevant now?) Explore why you might think this play would be timeless and why it is so widely produced or popular. 2. Create a directorial concept and production plan this play, illustrating why you make the choices you did. (Note: This can include visuals to back up your descriptions, but the 3 – 5 page written portion in addition to these is still a requirement.) You may choose to focus on particular aspects of the production process (such as lighting, sound, properties, costumes – or a combination of these). 3. Create your own prompt – although challenging – if you have another idea that you would like to explore related to Inspecting Carol By Daniel Sullivan, create your thesis. It must be on the play and it must be your own ideas. You can get creative here – perhaps a commentary on Theatre in general (since this is essentially a “play within a play” or the use of theatrical convention or a compare/contrast to a traditional holiday show).

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