Choose One Of The Following Topics And Write A One-Page Response.

Choose one of the following topics and write a one-page response.  You must use two sources and your paper must be done by MLA format.  

Socrates developed the dialectic method as a way of pursuing a true understanding of some basic concepts of justice or ethics. How did he use the method? Does it, could it, work?

Plato advocates a theory of Forms as a way of establishing a foundation for making true claims about reality. What is that? Is it (or some variation) convincing?

The Ring of Gyges story is at the center of a debate over whether justice is the product of authority (or power) or whether there is some objective principle of justice. Examine this debate and take a side.

Plato explores what he takes to be the difference between knowledge and opinion. Examine his definitions and argument. Is it convincing? Platos allegory of the cave is meant to illustrate how we are supposed to know reality. How does the allegory work? What does it show? Is Platos theory of knowledge convincing?

Aristotle attempted to bring knowledge into the world through focus on the four causes. Aristotles ethics is based on developing ones character in a specific way. How do we know what counts as virtue? 

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