Case Analysis I

  • How many pages does it have to be? There is no minimum or maximum page requirement for your case analysis. You will be assessed on how clearly you demonstrate your understanding and mastery of the subject matter through your writing.
  • When is it due? The final version of the assignment is due Thursday, February 6thby 9pm EDT. 
  • Are there any extra credit opportunities? No extra credit opportunities will be extended but students meeting the progressive grading criteria will be eligible to resubmit for a higher score in the future. 
  • How do I become eligible for the progressive grading? There are three steps to becoming eligible for progressive grading. 
    • Submit a draft version of Parts I and IIof your case analysis via Canvas by 9 pm EDT Sunday, February 2nd.
    • Complete at least one round of feedback with a writing tutor from the Writing Resource Center or before the final due date.
    • Submit the final revised version of Case Analysis I by 9 pm EDT, Thursday, February 6th. Be sure to include documentation of your feedback session when submit. 

Content of the Case Analysis

 Part I: Foundations As a Learner (Level 1 Heading)

My Lived Experience (Level 2 Heading)

First, introduce the reader to who you are as a student. Avoid opening with your formal FAMU/SBI introduction as that is inappropriate for academic writing. Give the reader some background information on your foundations as a learner and the experiences that have shaped your interest in the industry that you will focus on. 

Introduction and Reinforcement of Management Concepts (Level 2 Heading)

Frame your understanding of the management concepts that have been introduced to you through the reading material and reinforced through additional research and dialogue. This isnt limited to the Pearson text but also includes other subjects related to those concepts that have been discussed during class or individual appointments. 

Developing Mastery Through Reflection (Level 2 Heading)

Demonstrate your deep understanding of the concepts, principles, and resources by using some of the reflection prompts below:

  • Describe your personal experiences with the subject, topics, or material in other organizations
  • Discuss any emotional, physical, or visceral reactions you have to the information read and discussed
  • Provide your own responses to the questions come to your mind about the information shared
  • Summarize the context(s) where have you heard or read about similar information before
  • Express how you might apply what was discussed to other environments outside of the classroom

Part II: Building Industry Expertise (Level 1 Heading)

Industry Definition, Trends, and Impact (Level 2 Heading)

Demonstrate your understanding of the industry you are studying using scholarly references that accurately define the industry. Based on your reading and research, explain to the reader what external and global factors affect this industry and companies that operate in it. In your writing, predict what impact these factors will have on your role as a manager in an increasingly diverse workforce.  

Part III: Profiles of the Local Industry (Level 1 Heading)

Now that the reader has gotten a 30,000-foot view of the industry, it is time to bring it down to street-level by developing profiles on three local companies, one regional company, and one national or multi-national company in your industry. For the regional company, base your research in a geographic area that you would consider relocating to after you graduate. This section is required to have a minimum of 5 company profiles. 

Each profile should be styled as a Level 2 Headingand should include the following information in paragraph form:

  • Summary of the history of the organization and its mission statement (If the organization does not have a mission statement, you must develop one based on the three components needed to create a mission statement).
  • Brief introduction of the founder, including their background and experience
  • Brief description of the products and services offered

The company contact information (address, website, social media profiles) is the only component that should be presented in bullet form.

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