BUS3101-W6 Assignment 2 Final Project

BUS3101-W6 Assignment 2 Final Project

Assignment 2: Final Project

You have a novel product idea and a working prototype for floating fishing pliers. You use an extrusion process to manufacture the pliers, and your family assembles them out of your basement. Your plan is to distribute them through sporting goods stores that cater to anglers. Applying all that you have learned in this course, create a detailed strategic plan for the next five years. You should include the following elements of comprehensive strategic plan:

  • A mission statement that describes      the overall purpose of the organization
  • A resource needs assessment
  • A statement and some detail on the      technology requirements, goal statement, and rationale
  • A set of objectives (measurable      and observable)
  • A statement on the hardware, software,      and facility resource requirements
  • A statement on training resource      requirement and staff development plan
  • A marketing plan
  • An itemized budget, evaluation      method, and funding sources

Submit your assignment to the W6: Assignment 2 Dropbox.


Assignment 2 Grading   Criteria 

Maximum Points


Provided a complete   strategy for manufacturing and distributing the product.



Created a detailed   strategic plan for the next five years.



Strategic plan was   comprehensive and included all of the elements listed in the final project   description.



Presented a structured   report free of spelling and grammatical errors and cited sources in APA   format when necessary.





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