BUS3101-W5 Assignment 3

BUS3101-W5 Assignment 3

Complete the following assignment:

Apply the chaos theory to retail store of your choice, for instance, Nordstrom’s, Dillard’s, and so forth. If you are unsure if your choice of a retail store is acceptable, please check with your facilitator.

Identify core components and processes.

Examine how SWOT analysis can be used.

As a continuation of retail store project:

  • Identify      chaos in the retail business
  • Examine how      systems principles apply to the internal management of the store
  • Examine how      systems principles apply to the store and community
  • Determine      how to estimate the community’s total demand for retail goods
  • Identify      the core components and critical processes of the store

Submit your assignment to the W5: Assignment 3 Dropbox.


Assignment 3 Grading Criteria 



Provided a complete analysis.



Synthesized several ideas into one application.



Provided quality suggestions for SWOT analysis.



Presented a structured report free of spelling and grammatical   errors and cited sources in APA format when necessary.





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