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The goals of the TMM papers are assess your ability to:
Use available resources to locate research-based and/or peer-reviewed sources related to course materials,
Integrate course material with additional information,
Utilize information from multiple sources to write clearly and effectively.
Choose a research article about a topic we have discussed in class. This means that the articles present new, original data about the topic. Please avoid book chapters or review articles for this assignment. The articles SHOULD NOT be sources that we have used in class. Also, DO NOT USE WEB-BASED sources, such as Wikipedia,,, etc. USE YOUR LIBRARY RESOURCES!!!!!!! If you turn in a paper that uses Wikipedia or as a source, you will receive a score of zero for the paper. Im not kidding about this! The article that you choose should have a publication date within the last 5 years. The goal of the TMM assignments is to explore current/recent research.
Begin your paper with a short summary (roughly half a page) of what you learned in class about the topic. So, if you choose an article that focuses on CBT for anxiety disorders in children, provide a short summary of our class discussion. Then, use your article(s) to tell me something more about the topic, and expand on what we have covered in class. What additional information is presented? Does it change or add to information we have discussed in class? Does the article contradict any information discussed in class? Does it support information we have discussed in class? Why is the information in this article important? What does the information add to our understanding or knowledge about the treatment of childhood psychological disorders?
Your paper should be at least three pages long, but no more than six pages, excluding the title page and reference page.
Use APA format. It is especially important to make sure you cite your sources appropriately, including information from class as well as your additional articles or resources.
Have fun with this assignment! I am looking forward to learning more about current research by reading your papers.

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