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in 500 words, describe the results of your ethnographic exercise in participant observation on your research site. In doing this, be as descriptive as possible, and refrain from being prescriptive. Explain the space to an alien who understands the language, but does not know the culture. You are required to engage with at least two articles from throughout the reading that Ill be uploaded.

Here is the structure of the paper:

Paragraph 1 (100 words) – introduce your research topic and tell your reader a little bit about how your participant observation went.

Paragraph 2 (100 words) – discuss the space (explain the space as you would to an alien (imagine your reader has never seen a space like this, does not understand the objects, their order, their shape)

Paragraph 3 (100 words) – discuss the context (how do where and when this space exists affect it?

Paragraph 4 (100 words) – discuss the actors (remember social, economic, and political actors that exist in a space are not necessarily visible)

Paragraph 5 (100 words) – discuss the purpose (how is the space used by different actors)

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