Anger management assessment

Ed is a manager at the local retail outlet. Memorial Day weekend is coming, which is characteristically one of the busiest weekends of the year for the store but also one that many employees request as vacation days. Ed has a team of 10 employees, all with varying levels of seniority and experience. He typically works during the day, while his shift supervisor (Karen) works in the evenings and closes the store. Ed came into the store one morning to find a note from Karen, warning that employees were fighting about the upcoming holiday weekend and that each believes that he or she deserves to have the weekend off. Justifications for employee requests include seniority, family commitments, lack of childcare on the holiday weekend, sick parents, and preparing for college final exams. Many employees have stated that if they do not get the weekend off, they will quit. The job market is tight right now and Ed knows that he cannot replace staff quickly enough for the upcoming busy season.

Consider the following:

Given the results you got on the people skills and anger management assessment, how would you handle the request for vacation time if you were Ed?

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