Writing and Communiction in healthcare

In this assignment you will search the Excelsior Library for three (3) peer reviewed articles using a topic related to use of social media in health care. Once you have located your three new articles, you will summarize them, and then properly cite each article as if you were including it in a research paper.

Below is a list of categories that you may consider for your research.  Please select a social media application from Column A and then select an issue from Column B. This will be your topic for research. For example, if you are interested in use of Twitter and have an interest in supports for breast cancer survivors, you can select Twitter from Column A, breast cancer from Column B, and community support from Column C and search for 3 articles.

Column A: Choose ONE social Media Application


Column B:  Choose ONE health Care Issue of Interest or Disease

Cardiovascular disease
Dental care
Specific type of cancer
Other issue or chronic condition of your choosing

Column C:  Choose ONE Use of Social Media Strategy

Community support
Health education
Fitness tracking
Medical monitoring
Marketing of organization/service
The instructions for the assignment are as follows:

1. Begin your research and identify three (3) peer reviewed articles about your chosen social media and health care topic. Your choice from Columns A, B, and C will be your search terms in your Advanced Search in the Excelsior Library Databases. All three articles are on the same topic.

2. For each of the three articles, include the following information (in the order presented).
a) Topic Selected: A short paragraph identifying the social media application and health issue you selected.

b)Citation: The citation for the article in APA 6th edition formatting, with direct permalink from the library (permanent hyperlink). This link  (Links to an external site.)will show you how to locate and create permalinks.

c)Summary: A comprehensive summary of the article using your own words in third person voice (for example: avoid use of pronouns such as I, me, you). This should be approximately 2-3 paragraphs double spaced.
Credibility of Article: Applying the criteria in the University of California Berkeley Resource Guide (Links to an external site.), explain in one paragraph how you assessed the credibility of the resource.

3.In 2-3 paragraphs discuss what you learned from the three articles you researched.
a) What specific takeaways related to the use of social media in health care?

b)How might the information apply to a health organization, particularly in terms of advantages or cautions?


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