Work in Global Society


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The course name is Work in Global Society,

SECTION A: Short A nswers 

you will be provided 14 concepts. a definition of the term.

a. discuss how the concept assists us in understanding the changing nature of work and/or employment.

You should provide short answers. Each concept/short answer

a. Varieties of capitalism

b. Pyramid sub-contracting

c. The precariat

d. The Global Compact

e. Franchising

f. Technocracy

g. Exploitation

h. Bureaucratic control

i. Decent work

j. Uberization

k. Neo-liberalism

l. Skills shortage

m. Technical versus non-technical skills

n. The flexible firm


SECTION B: Essay Questions 

you will be provides the following eight essay questions.


Your answers should be in essay format. Each essay question


a. Does management practice have any relationship to the type of society we have become?

b. What are the risks and opportunities of work in the ‘gig economy’? What would be the challenges in particular from a worker’s perspective?

c. How has business contributed to global instability?

d. In what ways is precariousness becoming the new normality in globalised labour markets and what are the implications of this development for workers and workers rights?

e. How has outsourcing and offshoring impacted on workers and employment?

f. How has restructuring and deindustrialisation impacted on workers, communities and business?

g. Has management’s use of surveillance reshaped workplace control?

h. Is Australia doing enough to stop the exploitation of migrant workers?

– If yes, explain what has been effective in addressing the mistreatment of migrant workers.
– If not, explain what is needed to prevent migrant workers from being mistreated in the labour market.

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