Women, Art, and Power and Other Essays, Book Review

4 full pages, double space, standard headers, footers, margins, and font sizes (12), Times New Roman. Create a new title other than “Critical Analysis Paper” and it should reflects the paper

What is the article’s thesis? What is she/he arguing for or against?
What is the author’s motivation for writing the article?
What key points and types of evidence does the author use to support his/her thesis?

the essay contains a summary of the article and its not solely a summary. it should have its own thesis that comments on the article’s argument. As composing the analysis, consider the following guidelines:

Introduce the work under consideration by stating the title and author.
The introductory paragraph should contain a brief summary of the article and state your own thesis about it.
In the following paragraphs, elaborate on your initial summary and comment on the construction of the article’s argument. the structure of your paper should roughly follow the structure of the article.
How does the author support his/her argument? How does s/he use works of art as evidence? What other sources of evidence does s/he use? Is any of the evidence weak or insufficient?
Support your argument by using specific passages from the article as evidence. However, be judicious in your use of block quotations, and be sure to “frame quoted passages” (intro of quote and explain why you use it) within the overall fabric of the paper.

Lastly, the paper should have a conclusion that does something more than refresh what came before it. the conclusion is a space to contemplate the stakes of your argument. what have we gained from reading your analysis of this article? What new questions does it open up that future researchers might wish to contemplate? What are the article’s broader implications for the study of art history or our understanding of culture more generally? For example, if the article is about a specific painter, how does it make us view that artist or the movement with which s/he was affiliated differently?

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