Why Men Still Can’t Have It All


  1. Why, in Richard Dorment’s view, can men still not “have it all”? What in particular does he mean by “it all,” and what evidence does he provide to support his position?
  2. This article is a response to Anne-Marie Slaughter’s “Why Women Still Can’t Have It All” (pp. 534-554), and Dorment summarizes and quotes from that piece extensively. How fairly do you think he represents Slaughter’s views? Cite specific examples from his article in your answer.
    (For question 2 I attached the Anne-Marie Slaughter’s article to answer it. “Why Women Still Can’t Have It All”).
  3. Dorment published this article in Esquire, which calls itself “the magazine for men.” How can you tell that he has written his article primarily for a male audience? How might he revise the article, keeping the same basic argument, to appeal to an audience of women?
  4. Imagine you have a chance to speak with Dorment about this article. Write out what you’d say, remembering to frame your statement as a response to what he has said.
  5. Dorment’s writing is quite informal-colorful and in places even irreverent. How does it affect your response? Choose a paragraph on his article and dress it up, rewriting it in more formal, academic language. Which version do you find more appealing, and why?

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