why is the Constitution important and why the United States still needs it?

.Help! The Constitution is in jeopardy and you may be the only person to save it! A mysterious thief named Silence Dowrong has stolen the Constitution from the National Archives and has threatened to destroy
it within 24 hours. Silence claims that Americans no longer value the Constitution and deserve to have it taken away unless they can justify its existence and make an argument for why it is still relevant. You, and other bright young Americans who represent the future of the nation, have been called upon to present him with a list of reasons why that is
not true. The nations future is on your shoulders the President has called you personally and asked for your help. This situation is critical. Your job is to write a letter
to Silence describing why the Constitution is important and why the United States still needs it. Silence is also a wordsmith and likes creative writing and argumentation, so be sure to bring your sharpest writing to bear as you struggle to save our nations founding words.Good luck!!

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